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With the recent CNN Medical Marijuana segments and more states passing compassionate bills, my phones have not stopped ringing. I put together a required Booklet on What to Expect when choosing cannabis as a safe and effective treatment for your special needs child.

This booklet allows families to understand the pitfalls and joys of this treatment, while at the same time not losing state and federal funded resources for our special needs children. As an expert autism advocate in special education laws and regional center advocacy for over 15 years, the consultation highlight is always navigating to a better quality of life for our children and I’m able to do that effectively with the help of my company CA Corporate & Attorney Services Inc.

After having to make the decision to attend law school or take care of my child on the autism spectrum, this booklet prepares you for what to expect as I continue to be the shield for families who have exhausted all other treatment options all across the country until further laws are passed.

This booklet is the first step in the right direction for families and caregivers to making an informed decision on this treatment.


The New Faces of Controversial Treatments (Cannabis/Marijuana)


Medical Definition of Quality of life

Quality of life: The patient's ability to enjoy normal life activities. Quality of life is an important consideration in medical care. Some medical treatments can seriously impair quality of life without providing appreciable benefit, whereas others greatly enhance quality of life.


Why I Give My 9-year-old Pot

Marie Myung-Ok Lee teaches at Brown University and is the author of the novel Somebody’s Daughter, and is a winner of the Richard Margolis award for social justice reporting. My son J has autism. He’s also had two serious surgeries for a spinal cord tumor and has an inflammatory bowel condition, all of which may be causing him pain, if he could tell us. He can say words, but many of them—”duck in the water, duck in the water”—don’t convey what he means. For a time, anti-inflammatory medication seemed to control his pain. But in the last year, it stopped working. He began to bite and to smack the glasses off my face. If you were in that much pain, you’d probably want to hit someone, too.


Sam's Story

Sam' is a 10 year-old California boy who lives with his Dad, Mom, and sister Lucy. Sam has autism. From age two until eight, Sam's disorder made him violent and aggressive. His parents Steve and Angela were truly living a nightmare, every day.

"He got to the point where he was hurting other children, when he was in school, or in public places," Angela explains to KTLA News. "We'd be in line at the store, and he'd just bolt and hit another child in the face without any warning at all."

Sam's Dad remembers all the tough days. "One time he pulled down a TV, he knocked over furniture. I had to put him in a hold for a whole hour. His body was just spasming, so I lay there just crying, and holding him."


I am Bill Smith

"Bill Smith" started his fight as a 16-year-old, but has since reached adult-hood. Now, Chaz Moore is speaking every opportunity he can to advicate for the other children who have needed cannabis, like he does.

He suffers from a rare condition called Myloclonus Diaphragmatic Flutter. This condition causes his upper body to go into convulsions. Without treatment, the convulsions can last as long as 48 hours. After a year spent in hospitals and dreading each doctor visit, he and his family finally gave in to the advice of two nationally recognized hospitals and agreed to try medical marijuana.

I am making this website for the kids that can't speak out for themselves for whatever the reason is. I'm starting the Bill Smith fund for kids that CANNOT get the meds in the place where we spend a lot of our time: schools. My school wouldn't let me come back after taking my meds (MMJ), the way the school talk to my dad and me was not right.

I wasn't asking to smoke weed in the bathroom, I just wanted to eat my candy so I can go back to class so I can get through to college. These kids are going to have a hard time just getting into a school that is close to their house so they can take their meds. Who is looking out for the kids? It is the few of us that are out there have no help.

Everyone says "help the kids," "look out for your kids." But when we find a med that works our parents are bad people and we should be punished. That is how they make me feel.



The Cash Hyde Foundation

When Cash "Cashy" Hyde was 20 months old Radiologist's at Community Medical Center in Missoula, MT. Discovered a 4.5 cm. Stage 4 Brain Tumor in Cashy. He was transported on Life Flight to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. Cashy was placed on the 2nd floor NTU intensive care unit.  Cashy went into emergency open brain surgery the following day to try and remove the tumor. The surgeon's only removed 10% of the tumor for biopsy because it had grown around his optic nerves. After the surgery Cashy lost his eyesight from the pressure of the tumor on his optic nerves.

Cash  “Cashy” Michael Hyde, 4 years old, passed away after a two and a half year battle with brain cancer, in the loving arms of his parents, surrounded by family and friends on November 14, 2012 at 9:55 PM.  Cashy endured more pain and suffering than any child should ever have to go through, but he always did it with a smile on his face.
Cashy changed the face of pediatric cancer and pioneered a new way of alternative cancer treatment around the world.  He taught everybody the meaning of love and that miracles do happen when everyone unites for a common goal.   



Jayden's Journey

Jayden David, 6, gives his father, Jason, a hug before going to sleep.

Topamax. Depakote. Phenobarbital. The list goes on. Before Jayden David turned 5, he had tried a dozen powerful medications to tame a rare form of epilepsy. The side effects were devastating. There were grand mal seizures that lasted more than an hour. Hundreds of times a day, muscle twitches contorted his impish face. “If he wasn’t sleeping, he was seizing,” said Jayden’s father, Jason David.

Feeling helpless, David said, he contemplated suicide. He prayed. Then one day he heard about a teenager who was expelled from school for using marijuana to help control seizures.



The Mykayla Comstock Story

A seven-year-old Oregon girl suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and receiving chemotherapy has been taking marijuana pills administered by her mother. "It helps me eat and sleep," says freckle-faced Mykayla Comstock, who lives in Gladstone with mom Erin Purchase and her boyfriend. Comstock consumes pills filled with cannabis oil twice a day, plus eats edibles like cookies and banana bread. Purchase is a registered medical cannabis patient herself. Oregon is among the 18 states that has legalized marijuana for medicinal uses.




Cannabis For Infant's Brain Tumor, Doctor Calls Child "A Miracle Baby"

Dr. Courtney continued that "my youngest patient is 8 months old, and had a very massive centrally located inoperable brain tumor." The child's father pushed for non-traditional treatment utilizing cannabis.